What do we do?

We believe every person should have the opportunity to become a future leader. We believe everyone can develop excellent communication skills and can learn how to lead and influence others effectively.

We offer a Leadership Program that is designed to run throughout the course of a year. Each quarter has a particular focus, with lessons ranging from building communication skills to learning how to become an effective leader. Each quarter also consists of a project which hones all the skills learnt in the term together. This provides participants with practical experience to implement these skills, while also getting personalized feedback and coaching.

This program is designed to complement many other leadership programs rather than competing against them.

Why should you participate?

Become a pro-active leader

Learn how to identify your role as a leader, and determine what kind of leader you want to be.

Become a powerful communicator

Learn the relevant skills to become a powerful presenter and how to communicate with confidence.

Become a strong, independent change-maker

Develop the ability to empower and inspire those around you.

Develop skills that extend beyond the classroom

Learn life-long skills that leave you equipped to face challenges and get prepared for university and work life.

Learning how to become a pro-active leader in our society today is a vital soft-skill that will remain with the individual over their lifetime. Through our program, participants will learn how to firstly identify their role as a leader, and determine what kind of leader they wish to be. They will learn how to develop the appropriate skills needed to take on this role, and develop the knowledge and experience of how to manage different people. Furthermore, participants will also develop the know-how about making a positive and strong impression upon people when they first meet them. Similarly, they will learn how to effectively boost your presence within a group and capture the attention of those around you.

By empowering our participants, we will be creating strong, independent change-makers with the ability to empower and inspire those around them. They will not only learn about what makes a good leader, but will also learn the relevant skills to become powerful communicators. Our programs have a major focus on how to become a powerful presenter and how to communicate with confidence.


Over the course of our program, participants will learn how to:

  • Overcome their nerves when speaking in front of groups, and overcoming stage fright
  • Speak with confidence, clarity and expression
  • Organise their thoughts and ideas logically to convey their point of view effectively and with credibility
  • Engage their audience through expression, voice modulation, and body language
  • Persuade others to consider their point of view
  • Implement self-leadership
  • Understand their own leadership style and extend upon this
  • Take initiative, make decisions and come up with solutions
  • Effectively plan and goal set
  • Work effectively in a team and collaborate with peers
  • Use visual aids to complement their presentations


By developing the skills of becoming confident, engaging communicators and implementing these when taking on leadership roles, participants will find that their interactions with other people become more effective and articulate. Furthermore, by building confidence in the participants, their life amongst peers can improve by being able to convey their ideas thoughtfully and present them in an engaging and convincing manner. These skills can also ripple into other arenas in their life which are beyond classroom life, allowing participants to have discussions more confidently with anyone they may interact with. Our program provides an environment to help increase participants’ self-esteem and challenges them to get out of their comfort zone.

The skills learnt in our program will transcend beyond school, and will help get prepared for university and work life. Participants will be better equipped to deal with the challenges they will face in their lives, and will learn how to stand out from their peers.

For a more comprehensive overview of the program we offer, please contact us.